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Chap 15 - PG790
Posted June 26, 2024 at 11:51 am


We've been sitting on this secret for 7 years.

We'd drop little hints here and there with the pride drawings and illustrations, but yup.

It's canon.

Novae has officially entered the 70s.

Slight spoilers ahead


This arc will be filled with all the romantic tension that comes with rekindling flames. We'll be learning more about magoi, the dendronian scholars, Hargrave and his heartbreaking past with King Arthur, Sesam and their turbulent relationship with the Morgana, and Kitty. But above all else, Sulvain and Raziol will be learning more about each other, and the lives they have lead while they have been apart.

But for now, neither knows the other is alive.


We'll be taking a small break while we prepare the next chapter, in the meantime we'll be posting more bonus content on patreon (including more "Pinned" bonus comic pages and more "Boyfriends Everlasting"). Patrons will also be the first to see the new pages when they get released.

Really looking forward to the next chapter y'all like, I can't even explain. The dynamics between the characters have changed in a oh so delightful way. Anyway, more soon!

(And for those who have read "The Ring of Saturn", yup, it's canon. We'll post the story for free on patreon soon now that the secret is out.)

Also, we totally understand if y'all have mixed feeling about this twist! It's completely understandable, and we thank you for putting your faith in us. We hope y'all learn to love the setting and character dynamics of the second arc as much as we do! And don't worry too much about the other characters yet. Some have completed their arcs in the 1600-1700s but 7 characters we know will be appearing in the second arc (including Sesam and Vivi). How and why that happens is a mystery for now.

An episode of Boyfriends Everlasting is up on Patreon~

And a new page of Pinned~

Thank you all so much for all your comments! We're sorry we can't always reply, but we read every single comment and your thoughts mean the world to us!

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