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Novae Illustration 2019 Remake
Posted December 9, 2019 at 9:36 pm

Hey Everyone!

This is actually a remake of the very first illustration we did for these two. (below)

At the time we were calling the story “The Necromancer and the Astronomers Apprentice” and we were only planning on it being a few chapters long. After Jen showed me this picture 6 years ago, I couldn’t get these two out of my head! Looking at it still makes me a little emotional :,)

The inspiration for the drawing and art style actually comes from various 1920s fantasy illustrations. They are so whimsical and stylish it’s hard to resist~

These will be going out to Constellation patrons with the October stickers and postcard at the end of the month~

Read ahead on patreon~ (Chap 9 has started!)

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