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Illustration~ The Prince and the Merman
Posted February 25, 2021 at 12:52 pm

Here's a little preview of an illustration we did for y/con that will hopefully debut in November. The theme for the artbook is myth/mythology and we went for Raziol as a pirate prince and Sulvain as a merman.

The little AU story that was swirling around in our head was: Sulvain collects the wreckage of sunken ships and he finds Raziol on one of them haha. 

The piece is much larger and we can't wait to show you all when the time comes!


Chapter 11 will be starting next Thursday after a character recap on the website! We've already started updating the new pages on our Patreon and will be getting 5 pages ahead by then. 

Thank you all for your nice comments. They really brighten our day!

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