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Chap 5 – PG164
Posted May 6, 2018 at 9:02 pm
We're at the end of part 1 of Chapter 5! The next part of the chapter starts on Thursday with the cover! We'll have early pages for Patrons and the full chapter will be done by the beginning of June! (We're aiming for the 7th or the 8th :3)

We had to juggle two projects this month so the PDF is coming out a little later than usual. But we'll have the pre-orders out soon!

Thank you everyone!

——– ☆*・。☆ ——–

Chapter 5 released on both Patreon and Gumroad!

Thank you all so much! <3

——– ☆*・。☆ ——–

We've kinda quiet at the beginning of this month on Patreon, but we've got a bunch of stuff lined up, now that one of our deadlines has passed. We'll start with the new sticker design for this month then we'll moving on to other bonus materials. So stay tuned! And thank you so much for all the support!!
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