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Chap 14 - Into the Depth
Posted June 19, 2023 at 12:01 pm

Chapter 14 Officially begins!

Soooo, over the past couple weeks, we finished writing the script for the first arc of Novae, and ohhh gosh... ohhhh man, ooooh jeez.

We're estimating there are two chapters left in this arc and they are both gonna be pretty intense, both action wise and emotionally. In chapter 14 we'll be seeing a new side to Sulvain as well as important pieces of his past. There will be some big reveals and we'll be seeing some new sides to Sesam and Ève as well. If we were to place this chapter on a storyline graph, it would be here:

!!! We are quickly approaching the climax of this arc! We have been looking forward to this for many years, we can't believe it's happening!

In other news~ We're so excited to announce that we finally have a store in collaboration with Hiveworks! We've included most of our previous Constellation rewards and within the next few month we'll be updating the store with magnets and pins as well! Right now our stock is limited, some merch may only be limited to 30-40 sets, but we'll restock depending on how popular they are :D.

A NEW bonus comic is up for Star Cluster patrons~ 

The last bonus comic has concluded on patreon!

A 21 page comic about Raziol's Dad meeting Sulvain for the first time and having some revelations.

Also~ New bonus comic pages for $2 and $5 patrons! 

Joining our Patreon helps us hire help so we can get the story out faster <3 If we reach our goal, we'll post 4 times a week!

Thank you all so much for all your comments! We're sorry we can't always reply, but we read every single comment and your thoughts mean the world to us! <3

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