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Chap 10 - PG370
Posted September 3, 2020 at 12:29 pm

Raz isn't sure what to think, but Sulvain has his reasons.

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(Thought rant ahead~)

So one of the reasons we really wanted to include scenes like these is for moments like this. In most YA novels or comics these scenes are usually omitted but when things "fade to black" the mind is left to fill in the blanks. But when things are left vague, what the mind fills in for those moments is also vague and often a collection of what we've already seen in media. 

But intimacy is unique to the people involved and if we're left to imagine typical encounters we might not get a lot of that important subtlety and character development. We're also not given a lot of examples or representation of how intimacy can take place, which we really need more of. 

Sometimes I feel like there's just not much in between "fade to black" and "adult" but it was something I always wanted to see. I think there's a lot of people who feel the same way. When it comes to these kind of relationships sometimes we need to see how they happen and how things can be tender and fun and how consent is practiced. And I hope that through our work we can convey that this kind of relationship is absolutely achievable and that there are many ways things can play out.

I think because YA and Adult media are made with different audiences and purposes in mind there's often clear lines that cannot be crossed, but that's why this kind of representation is needed. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of media that explores this (as far as I've encountered.)

Anyway those are just our thoughts about it haha~ It really is a joy to work on this comic and these scenes knowing it was exactly what we needed as a teen and college-age. But it can be a little nerve wracking too not knowing if it will be acceptable as 16+ material and not knowing how it will be interpreted. But sometimes making something you're really passionate about takes a little courage~ :)

Of course this is not to dismiss "fade to black" or overt material. We just to see more variety in how intimacy is explored. :3


Thank you all so much for your comments, your words really make our day! We're sorry we can't get back to everyone but we read each one with a grateful heart~ <3 <3

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